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Searching about a come and go wedding? You can be married today or tomorrow by one of Arizona Ministers’ wedding officiants on short notice and at a greatly reduced fee. We book weddings in advance year-round, so our reduced fee is offered only when we are available for your short-notice elopement.


This is an elopement service provided by Ministers Phillip & Gwen Waring who are ready to officiate a warm and personal wedding ceremony on 48 hours' notice or less at significantly lower cost. We believe, like many of our clients, in simplicity and economy without giving up quality. This isn't about eliminating frills as much as it is focusing on the most meaningful aspects of getting married today.


We serve by appointment only for everyone's privacy. These special elopement rates are available only within 48 hours of your scheduled ceremony. If you have a valid marriage license from any county in Arizona, you can elope and be married by us today, or tomorrow. Please note: Partners must be age 18 or older.
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