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Congratulations on your decision to elope and be married today!*

If you have a valid marriage license from any county in Arizona, you can elope and be married by us today, or tomorrow. If you do not have an Arizona marriage license, click here!

We believe, like many of our clients, in simplicity and economy without giving up quality. This isn’t about eliminating frills as much as it is focusing on the meaningful. This is an elopement service provided by Ministers Phillip & Gwen Waring – who are ready to officiate a warm and personal wedding ceremony on 48 hours’ notice or less at significantly lower cost.

It may seem like the easiest way for you to do things, but it does require extra attention to detail on our part. Take advantage of our decades of experience and leadership.

If you want to elope fast, we’re here! Our elopement attire is “resort casual” unless you ask us to wear something different.

You know there are many reasons to elope and Be Married Today. Maybe you are closing on a house, having a destination wedding ceremony out of the country, need to get on your fiancé’s health insurance or you just want to elope! You wouldn’t be the only couple wanting to save $28,000 on an average wedding.


To be legally married in Arizona you must purchase the marriage license (any Arizona county marriage license works anywhere in Arizona) and have a solemnizing ceremony (legal pronouncement of marriage) in the presence of two people age 18 or older. If you want to meet and just take care of “the paperwork” without much of an elopement ceremony, we can do that, too. We gladly help handle the legal requirements.

If you want a relaxing elopement, we can make it happen today, or even tomorrow. Bring your camera for a few pictures or we’ll hire a pro for you (at additional cost).

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as our office phone rings at home all hours for ministry emergencies.

What will your ceremony sound like? Check out our video.

*We are prepared to help you be married today or tomorrow! These special elopement rates are available only within 48 hours of your scheduled ceremony.

We offer these fees for short notice weddings. If you plan on getting married more than the next 48 hours, our customary fee is $350. Ceremony fees are not refundable.

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